Monday, October 27, 2008

The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit

Welcome! The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit is a GeneaBlogie web publication and published in cooperation with The Association of Graveyard Rabbits. The irrepressible Terry Thornton, publisher of The Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, and the indefatigable footnoteMaven (publisher of The footnoteMaven and Shades of the Departed as well as several others) founded the Association and it's grown by leaps and bounds in a matter of weeks. The Association is an organization of bloggers writing exclusively about graveyards, memorial markers, and the like.

Many of the Graveyard Rabbits focus on specific regions of the country. The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit will bring you information about cemeteries from all around the country (and even overseas). There will also be the occasional article about the law relevant to cemeteries and burial grounds.

We'll be here several times a month and we hope you'll join us as well as the other Rabbits for a close look at matters of grave concern.

1 comment:

footnoteMaven said...

Oh how I wish I were "indefatigable."

But thank you for perpetuating the myth!